Loveland Ski Area UNSAFE for Employees

The travesty of Adam Lee's fatal injury and the cover up by the ski area.  

The subsequent affects upon widow Erika and the children.  

The investigation outcomes and fines to the employer

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We endorse and promote Family Ski Safety

We want kids, parents, and grandparents to enjoy safe and accident free experiences on the slopes.  Safety does not happen by accident.


Do NOT end up like this

Too many are injured every year in preventable accidents.  Know how to protect your family next trip out, and help change the snow sports experience for everyone.


We love our kids and grandkids

Become involved and learn how you can help ...

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This is how we want the ski experience to look.  Safe, Family Fun, outdoor wholesome experience

GPASS is an advocacy group that influences the various organizations that are in a position to impact Snow Sports Safety.  These include Ski Areas, PSIA, NSP, Police, National Forest, and others.

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December 1  2018 Ski Safety Workshop Events.  See Montrose Recreation Dept Fall Guide for more details.  Low entry fee, All proceeds go  to a Snow Sports Non-Profit

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Randy White Co-Founder

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News you don't see in Mainstream Media


Click on the Image for the Series of Videos about the Elise Johnson 2010 Christmas Eve tragedy, and the concealed back story.  This followed by as series of videos revealing unpopular truths



So, why 'Grandparents'?

  1. Parents and Grandparents both naturally care about the children and their well being.  We have found, that the Grandparents generally have more time and money to devote towards ACTION.  We can advance the sport safety.


This is a high impact story, do not watch unless you are prepared.  It is what keeps us up at night...

The Concealment and the TRUTH

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Grand Parent Advocates for Snowsports Safety GPASS

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